Yoga Program Descriptions

Yoga Fundamentals

Experience the benefits of practicing yoga in this safe and welcoming class. We will focus on basic postures and principles of alignment and breathing.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga balances the mind and body through a combination of classical postures and breathing techniques. Improve balance and flexibility while clearing and relaxing the mind. All levels welcome.

Hatha Chill

Hatha Chill Yoga balances the mind and body through a combination of gentle Hatha sequences, quietly held restorative poses and breath work to help relax your mind and settle you in to the evening.


A moderately-paced flow class to help you feel centred, focused, and restored. Postures encourage alignment, flexibility and gentle movement. Suitable for people looking for a well-rounded flow class. Modifications and options are provided.

Parent & Child Yoga

All levels are welcome to explore Yoga together. This gentle Hatha style class will appeal to parents and their children (ages 5 – 12 years) who want to connect with their bodies, their breath and each other.

Power Flow

Based on Ashtanga Yoga, this energetic class combines classical yoga poses into a fluid sequence. Postures encourage alignment, flexibility, strength and endurance. This class is geared towards anyone who has a foundation in yoga and is looking for a faster-paced class. Modifications and options are provided.

Restorative Yoga

A gentle approach to restore body, mind and spirit. Learn breathing techniques to relieve stress while practicing restorative yoga poses. Props may be used to support the body and encourage relaxation. Participants are encouraged to bring a blanket/pillow. Perfect for less flexible students or those with injuries.

Restorative Flow Yoga

A combination of gentle Hatha and relaxing restorative postures, restorative flow yoga is a slow paced gentle movement class that relaxes and refreshes the body.

Yin Yang Yoga

Experience a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Class instills a sense of energy and peace by beginning with a Yang practice, 40 minutes of Vinyasa Flow Yoga to invigorate and strengthen the body and finishing with a Yin practice, 35 minutes of slow, long-hold, deep stretching postures. All levels welcome.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga uses longer held floor postures to stretch, relax, and stimulate the deep connective tissues of the body. This gentle practice will increase your flexibility, open your hips, lower back and shoulders and will enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Yoga Boot Camp

If you're looking for a more athletic practice that helps build strength and stamina, this class is for you! Practice postures that encourage flexibility, strength and endurance. Modifications and options are provided for different levels.

Zen Express

This 45 minute express class focuses on balance, strength, flexibility and breath. Quiet your mind and rejuvenate your body. All levels welcome.

Zen for Men

Specially designed for guys and led by a guy, this Zen for Men practice is excellent for men who are curious about exploring how a regular yoga practice can flexibility, encourage mindfulness and reduce stress. All levels welcome.