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Gymnastics Program Descriptions

Below is an overview of all gymnastics programs offered by the District of West Vancouver. All class times and rates are outlined in the lessons pages.

Girls Level 1/2 (6 yrs+)

Recreation gymnastics program for girls age 6 – 8 yrs and 8 yrs and up! Program will introduce bars, beam, floor, vault and trampoline. No experience necessary.

Girls Level 3/4 (6 yrs+)

Girls must complete level 2 to register for this class. Skill development will continue with an introduction to strength and flexibility training.

Girls Level 5/6 (6 yrs+)

This program is for more advanced girls who have completed level 4! We recommend two or three classes per week to learn skills faster and develop more strength and flexibility.

Girls Level 7 – 10 (6 yrs+)

This program is for more advanced girls who have successfully completed level 6. We recommend more than one class per week to learn skills faster and develop more strength and flexibility.

Boys Level 1/2 (6 yrs+)

Yes, gymnastics is for boys too! This class will develop all the safety and basic skills for boys gymnastics.

Boys Level 3/4 (6 yrs+)

Boys must complete level 2 to register for this program. Skill development and strength training will be added.

Boys Level 5/6 (6 yrs+)

This is an advanced program for boys who have completed level 4. Listening skills and a work hard attitude are key skills for this challenging class.

Learn to Flip (6 – 8 yrs, 9 – 11 yrs)

Kids will spend one hour using the trampoline, mini trampoline, sprung floor and foam pit learning all the progressions to start flipping! If your child can already flip they will fly into the next level of more advanced skills. All participants must be able to demonstrate prerequisite skills with proper technique in order to advance.

Freestyle Trampoline (7 – 11 yrs, 12 – 16 yrs)

With a strong focus on the trampoline, participants will have the opportunity to learn everything from basic trampoline bed tricks and spins up to single inverts and off-axis maneuvers. Participants will also learn basic tumbling and floor exercises along with improving their agility, coordination and strength.


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