Skating Program Descriptions

Course descriptions below outline all school-aged skating and hockey lessons offered at the West Vancouver Ice Arena. Once you have found a course that is appropriate for your child, please review the pages to find the day and time that fits with your skaters’ schedule.

First Stride

This class is recommended for new skaters before entering Level 1 Basic. It is designed for people that have been on skates less than four times. A high instructor to student ratio ensures individual attention to all participants. First Stride is your introduction to skating that will teach you how to fall safely, stand up and learn to take your first stride!

Level 1: Basic

This class will work on basic forward skating and gliding. Sculling, backwards skating and stopping will be introduced. The emphasis is on learning some basic skating skills in a fun, safe environment.

Level 2: Agility

This program develops forward and backward skating. Walking crossovers, push-offs and hops are introduced. Upon successful completion participants will be able to stop and will be eligible to enter our beginner hockey program if interested.

Level 3: Technique

This class will start to refine the basics of the skills already learned. Techniques in this class include: proper push-offs, backward sculling, backward stopping, bunny hops, forward pumping and more!

Level 4: Performance

Participants will develop their forward crossovers and be introduced to backward crossovers. They will be able to skate backward with good rhythm and control followed by a complete stop. Activities and skills will be combined into an obstacle course. A little extra fun may be had by trying a lunge or 'shoot the duck'.

Level 5: Advanced

For those individuals wanting to refine and  advance their skating skills. This is a great option for students that want to continue to skate but don't want to specialize in hockey or figure skating. It's a challenging class emphasizing technique, speed, and fun!

Figure Skate One (Bronze)

Participants must have completed Skating Level 4 or have instructor approval to enter this class. Spins and jumps and a seven-step sequence will be introduced. Participants can register anytime throughout the course.

Figure Skate Two (Silver)

Students will be coached in waltz jumps, toe loops, salchows, camel spins. The students will practice programs and are encouraged to practice their skills outside of class time. Participants can register anytime throughout the course.

Figure Skate Three (Gold)

This is our highest level of Figure Skating. Students will be coached in a variety of edge jumps, camel, sit & layback spins. We will have fun with footwork & spirals with edge changes! Participants can register anytime throughout the course and are encouraged to practice their skills outside of class time.

Power Skating 1: Fundamentals

Participants must have completed a Level 2 skating class or experience playing hockey. This class works on fitness and skating stride. The fundamentals of edging, tight turns, and stops and starts are a focus. Helmets are mandatory. Full hockey gear optional as this class focuses on skating skills vs. hockey skills. Sticks are allowed but there will be no pucks in use.

Power Skating 2: Speed & Strength

Participants must have completed Power Skating 1. The program is designed to build power, strength and endurance, with an emphasis on turns, pivots, backward and forward stopping and skating. Helmets are mandatory. Full hockey gear optional as this class focuses on skating skills vs. hockey skills. Sticks are allowed but there will be no pucks in use. This class may be repeated.

Hockey for Fun

The emphasis for this hockey program is fun through skill development. Full equipment is mandatory. Participants should have completed Level 2 or a skating assessment prior to registration as participants must already be able to skate and stop. 

Stick & Puck

Drop-in opportunity to practice shooting and stick skills. No goalies. No scrimmages. Ten spots available for pre-registration, remaining spots first come, first serve. Call after 9 a.m. on Friday to get your name on the list. Only three names accepted per call. Drop-ins must arrive on time or their spots will be offered to waitlisted participants.

Free Skate Assessment

Not sure what level of skating you should register for? Come to one of our Assessment Days or any public skate session and ask for an assessment. Instructors will be on hand to observe your skating skills and recommend a level that best suits your ability. Skate assessments are free.

Wed, Sep 6 6:15 – 7:30 p.m.
Fri, Sep 8 2:45 – 4 p.m.
  6:45 – 8:15 p.m.
Sun, Sep 10 3:30 – 4:45 p.m.