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Access Services

Accessibility cultivates inclusivity by eliminating barriers and creating social, physical and economic environments that enable residents to participate actively in the community.

Inclusivity embraces and values diversity in age, culture, ability, gender, language, marital status, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic status.

For more information on accessibility and related programs, contact Karen Marzocco, the Access Services Program Coordinator:




Access and Inclusion Policy

Recreation Assistance Program Application

Qualifying for Financial Assistance Program - Information Handout

Leisure Access Card Application

Summer Camp Recreation Inclusion Application


Leisure Access Card
The Leisure Access Card is available for individuals who require extra support (assistance of a physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual or sensory nature) in order to participate in recreation programs. The card provides free grants for the individual who is providing support. It also creates the opportunity to meet with an access staff member to discuss any adaptations or ideas you may have to improve your experience in our facilities and programs. It is not intended for your personal trainer, occupational or physiotherapist, or other health care providers. Applications are available at any recreation facility front desk or at

If you and/or your child are participating in any program or lesson and are unable to fulfil the typical requirements and require an adapted plan, please contact the Access Services Coordinator to set up a meeting. We will work with you to create an individualized plan that will help to improve skills, increase confidence, bolster the sense of accomplishment and the quality of the recreation experience.

The Role of Access Services
Access Services, within the Parks, Culture and Community Services Division, includes support for people who have disabilities, low income and people who are new to Canada who may face cultural barriers.

Recreation for all:
Community Services builds community programs and services that meet the needs of the community. Our recreation programs and facilities reflect our on-going pursuit to provide meaningful and inclusive opportunities for all people.

Family Provided Support: Families are welcome to bring their own support person to any program. Please note: a participant in a camp is not considered support for another camper. If your child will be attending with their own support person, please let us know when you have registered by calling 604-925-7279. This will help us plan for the extra person (e.g. for admissions and bus transportation).