Enhance West Van

(Left to Right) Top Row: Mary Jo Campbell, Navida Suleman, Joanne McKenna, Yang Wang, Rick Verjee, Peter Katevatis, Sara McCracken Middle Row: Clark Linton, Mike Courtenay, Janine Guenther, Julie Jeffries, Bill Barrie, Roop Mundi Lower Row: Karen Sander, Richard Fisher, Nicola More, Najeeb Hassan, Terri Green, Councillor Craig Cameron, Executive Director Jodi Weiderick

The West Vancouver Community Centre is a place or pride and belonging where neighbours meet and community is built as the socially diverse, cultural and recreational heart of West Vancouver – you belong here!

Working together, building community, we provide programs and services in our public facilities that enrich people's lives through shared opportunities for participation, leadership, health, and wellness.

To support Enhance West Van and give back to your community either as a Donor or Volunteer, please email us at [email protected] or visit us online at enhancewestvan.ca

Enhance West Van provides a “community voice” through community outreach and engagement to ensure that programs and services at the Centres are meeting the needs of our community. The Enhance West Van membership is required in order to register for any Ice Arena, Aquatic or Community Centre program, or to purchase a FitPass. The cost of a one year membership is $6 per individual or $10 per family. Family membership is for one or two adults of the same household and their children or youth up to 18 years of age. Individual membership is required for any person 14 years or older who does not fall under a family membership.
Together we are making your Community Centre even Better!

Enhance West Van is a charitable society governed by a board of directors who live in the community.

Enhance West Van provides oversight and management to the West Vancouver Community Centre, Aquatic Centre and Ice Arena through a Joint Operating Agreement with the District of West Vancouver.

To support Enhance West Van and give back to your community either as a Donor or Volunteer, please email us or visit our website:

Enhance West Van website