Enhance West Van at Work

Enhance West Van is a registered charitable society that provides direct stewardship and raises funds to enhance programs and services that improve people's lives in our community. In close partnership with the District of West Vancouver, Enhance West Van prioritizes personal and community health for the people of West Vancouver.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Enhance West Van has been able to leverage fundraising dollars, donor gifts and grants to deliver food security for youth and families, as well as supporting virtual programs and services that have been providing essential community connection for people in the community during these isolating times.  

Visit us at enhancewestvan.ca to learn more about how we build community.

Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy is an innovative approach to working with children and youth with physical and cognitive disabilities. A partnership with the West Vancouver School District, the program recognizes the connection between motor skill development and readiness for acquisition of other skills. There are two Movement Therapy programs: one in gymnastics and another in aquatics.

Learn Together: For English Learners

Are you a newcomer learning English as your second language? If you need some help with following instructions in our registered fitness and art classes—we are here to help!

After you register for a program, contact Minori at [email protected] with your program information and your first language, and you will be teamed up with a learning buddy who speaks your language to help you in the class. This initiative is available for all the registered classes and private training and lessons, except for swimming lessons and drop-in activities.


Cancer Thrivers

Participants experience the benefits of movement and relaxation in a supportive, community-focused environment during their diagnosis, treatment and beyond. In collaboration with Inspire Health and supported by Enhance West Van, Cancer Thrivers is designed to promote health, strength and recovery through weekly movement classes and education sessions from experts in the field of cancer recovery and healing.

Socially Active: Building Connections in West Vancouver

West Vancouver is a growing community with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, abilities and identities. Socially Active is a new program designed to connect newcomers with longterm West Vancouver residents. Participants will be matched based on interests, and will connect with each other for 1 – 1.5 hours per week over a six-month period, in addition to receiving invitations to events and workshops they can participate in together, meet others, learn and explore the community. If you are newcomer, register for the program #69391. You will be contacted for an interview. We will contact you for an interview. Mentors are required to be registered volunteers with the District of West Vancouver and to complete the appropriate orientation.

For more information, contact Minori at

[email protected]


Buy A Brick

Buy a Brick and Build our Community!
The brick campaign provides you, your family or your business with an opportunity to help Enhance West Van provide enhanced progams and services at the West Vancouver Community Centre, Aquatic Centre and Ice Arena. 

Be recognized as a community-builder, have an individual or family name, a team or group name, or a business name engraved on a brick located in the South Plaza at the entrance to the West Vancouver Community Centre.

Visit enhancewestvan.ca or call 604-921-7201 to purchase a brick.