Fitness/Rehab Program Descriptions

Fitness Programs (*Registered Programs)


  • Introduction to Aquafit* This entry level program is held in the Leisure Pool and focuses on full range of motion and core stability, with an introduction to cardiovascular fitness.
  • Aqua Mild This 45 minute low impact class focuses on full range of motion and core stability with varying levels of intensity. The perfect class for those who are returning to exercise after a break. Great for all ages.


  • Aqua Moderate This 60 minute class is designed for those who have been exercising regularly and are looking for a more challenging class. This class will focus on strength and stability, aiding in posture and balance.


  • Aqua Plus This high intensity 60 minute workout is for those looking for a strengthening and endurance class to increase one’s cardiovascular fitness in an energized and motivating environment.
  • Aqua Deep Experience the benefits of deep water fitness, a zero impact environment. Those attending should exercise regularly. A selection of belts, noodles, cuffs and other supportive equipment will be used.
  • Swim for Fitness A 60 minute workout designed for those wanting to refine their strokes, improve overall fitness and join the camaraderie of swimming with other motivated swimmers.
  • Float Fit Challenge your balance, stability and core while building up a sweat on one of our new ‘aquamats’.



  • Aqua Rehab This program is ideal for those working with neurological ailments. We focus on mild movements through the joints, while strengthening and increasing range of motion.

Intermediate / Advanced

  • Aqua Arthro For those who have attended our Arthrocize programs, this is a combination of a beginner and intermediate level program that is geared towards those who are ready to exercise and increase their range of motion with mild cardiovascular activity.

Aqua Fitness Schedule