Masters Swim Club

Spring & Summer

West Vancouver's welcoming and inclusive Masters Swim Club is a great program for people wanting structured and progressive swim and fitness training combined with camaraderie and social events. Stroke correction and interval training are similar to thoseused in successful fitness and competitive swim programs all over the world. It is not necessary to have previous experience in competitive swimming to join, however you must be competent in at least three strokes and be able to swim freestyle continuously for 400 metres in 7 minutes and 30 seconds and 50 metres in less than 50 seconds. The workouts are varied to suit a variety of swim speeds that meet this criteria. The no-impact workouts are great for committed recreational athletes, triathletes, recovery from athletic injury, or those preparing to compete in open water or Masters Swim meets.

Masters Swim Options

Space is limited so be sure to register early. Drop-in and Flexi Pass options are only available for Wednesday and Saturday morning and evening workouts.

Drop-in Admission* $9
Flexi Pass* – 10 Tickets $81

*Not available for Mon or Fri a.m. workouts