School Age

General Information – Swim Lessons

Registration Information
Please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Participants may not register for multiple sets until their current lesson set is over and the appropriate level has been determined on their report card. You may be registered for a multiple set of the same level.
  • Our computer system will not allow successful registration into the next level until the prerequisite level has been successfully completed. You are more than welcome to check your prerequisites prior to Registration Day by calling or visiting our front desk to help ensure a smooth registration.
  • Late registrations: participants must be registered by the third class.
  • Don't let your class get cancelled, register as soon as possible.

First Time Registering or Unsure of Swim Level?
Parents, if you are unsure of the level of your child or registering with us for the first time, we offer free swim evaluations during any of our Public Swim times. One of our lifeguards/instructors will be happy to do an assessment of your child which takes approximately 5 – 15 minutes. We recommend that assessments be completed PRIOR to Registration Day to avoid any complications during your registration experience. Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a slip of paper with the assessed level which you must bring to the front desk to update your prerequisites.

First Day of Lessons
Upon arrival, simply notify the front desk clerk that you are here for lessons and the clerk will buzz you through the gate. Once you are on the pool deck, please remember to remove your street shoes.

Please note: All participants should be using the designated changerooms.

  • Preschool lesson signs are located at the opposite end of the main pool shallow end. Red Cross levels 1 – 5 meet in front of the control room situated between the two pools; Red Cross levels 6 – 10 and Swim for Fit meet in front of the designated signs on the blue wall, just past the men’s change room.
  • Please help our classes start promptly by having your child shower before entering the pool deck.
  • Parents are not permitted to view the lessons from the pool deck and are asked to watch from the designated viewing area.
  • On the fifth lesson, classes will end five minutes early so that parents can connect with the instructors for a progress update.
  • Please remember to bring your child’s previous report card to your new instructor. They will add their evaluation to the original card and return it on the last day of lessons.
  • If you miss the last day of lessons, all unclaimed report cards are filed at the front desk under the child’s last name. Cards will be stored for six months past the last day of the lessons.

Lesson Supervisors

Did you know that during our after-school and weekend lessons we have a Lesson Supervisor who will assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your child’s lessons? Look for them in a bright blue shirt.


Photographic equipment is not allowed to be used in respect of the privacy of all participants.